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On 12th of February, Practical English students from 2nd Bachillerato made a joint project within 6th Primary students: Valentine’s with children!

We divided into two groups since there were two classes, A and B.

So, the projects in each class were different. The first activity was handicrafting and the second one, was a cooking activity. 

Firstly, in 6th A, we taught the students how to do a woolen chicken and they decorated it with eyes and more accessories. And then, we brought some cookies and the kids decorated them as if they were professional cookers. The result were some Valentine’s cookies which looked awesome.

Secondly,in 6th B, we showed them how to make heart-shaped pillows. They got some troubles with the glue, but they also laughed a lot about it. Then, they drew faces in the hearts. The final activity was the Valentine’s cupcakes which had frosty and sugar hearts. They also wrote some messages which gave to each other as if it were Valentine’s cards. 

Even though the children had some problems with the handicrafts, the glue or the sweets, they had tons of fun! Also, they had done a Halloween activity with us, so they knew most of us and we knew most of them. On the same day, they had received the visit of the English girls who were staying at our school, so the kids had an amazing day full of English and love. We can tell that they had that much fun because they even asked some of us for our phone numbers!

From Practical English we can say that we have been all satisfied with this activity and we have gathered a lot of wonderful moments with these children that we will never forget when we leave school next year.

Paula Asensi